Answered by Shaykh Salim Ahmad Mauladdawila

Question: Assalamu alaykum

The ceiling directly above my bathtub is leaking and may collapse at any moment.

What should I do if I am in a state of major impurity in this case?

Answer: Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

If the person person cannot find another (bath)room to use (family, friend, or neighbor’s house,etc.) to take the ritual bath to remove major ritual impurity before the time for the current obligatory prayer is over, they should perform tayammum and pray, making up the prayer(s) they performed with the tayammum when once they can perform the ritual bath.

It should be noted that tayammum is only valid for one obligatory prayer and it’s associated supererogatory prayers, and must only be performed once the time for the prayer has entered and the Qibla (prayer direction) in known.


[Shaykh] Salim Ahmad Mauladdawila

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