How Should I Deal With a Haram Relationship?

Question: As-salamu alaykum, I am a young girl, and I fell in love with a guy. I know its haram to have a relationship before marriage, but alhamdulillah, we did not do anything except for exchanging texts. Can you please guide me on what to do?
Dear questioner,
Thank you for your question. May Allah bless you in your noble intention to follow that which is halal.
Baraka comes with things done purely for the sake of Allah.
Each person has a unique situation but generally, I recommend the following.
If he is interested in marriage with you, then he can propose to you.
Make sure that your parents will be happy with this decision. When a person is  young,
they may not always see the bigger picture in life-the long-term consequences of one’s decisions.
Sometimes at the moment, you may believe that your decision is the best, but as you get older, that may change.
Pray istikhara, and ask Allah to guide your decision.
Here is a link with a guide on how to do that properly.
You did mention that he is righteous or God-fearing, this is excellent and the first step towards success.
Remember to be patient until it is the right time, “ Allah is with the patient.” [Quran 2:153]
Further readings may help widen your scope on a similar related matter.
May Allah bless you and guide your affairs.
Imam Yama Niazi

Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani