Why Did the Prophet Interpret a Black Woman That He Saw in a Dream as a Plague?


Why did the Prophet interpret a black woman that he saw in a dream as a plague?


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The hadith is in Sahih al-Bukhari and reads:

In a dream I saw a black woman with unkempt hair leaving Medina and going to Mahya’ah (Juhfah). I interpreted it as a plague that was to beset Medina but then was moved to [Mahya’ah].

Al-Qastallani explains this saying:

The logic in this interpretation is that black (sawda’) is sounds like two words, namely evil (su’) and sickness (da’). Thus he interpreted it as an [evil sickness] because the word combined these two words. He interpreted unkempt (tha’ir) to mean that which kindles (yuthir) evil in Medina. (Irshad al-Sari, Al-Qastallani)

So the interpretation is based on the sounding of the words, and not on their meanings, and it is by no means a racial comment. Islam is not racist, and the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) was not racist. Please also see:

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