Ranks and Meaning of Paradise

Question: Why did Allah create Paradise and what is the best thing a human can ever do?


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Allah Most High created the creation, and Heaven and Hell to manifest Himself so that He would be known. The various experiences of Heaven and Hell conjoined with the varying ranks of those in them all demonstrate Allah’s attributes. This is how creation and Heaven and Hell “spell out” Allah.

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The ranks in Paradise commensurate with the qualitative levels of faith (al iman wa al ihsan). Spiritual excellence means that one abides by the Sacred Law inwardly and outwardly, alone and around others, in ease and difficulty, as if one was standing before Allah seeing Him directly. This is the highest Islamic virtue, and can also be done in Paradise where there is no Sacred Law to abide by.

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The greatest degree of Paradise is to look directly at Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “When the People of Paradise enter Paradise, Allah Blessed and Exalted will say, ‘Would you like anything else?’ They will say, ‘Have you not made us happy? Have you not made us enter Paradise and saved us the Hell-Fire?’
Then He will remove the veil, and they will not be given anything more beloved to them than looking directly at their Lord Mighty and Majestic. This is the more. Then he recited the verse ‘For those who have done good (ahsanu) is the best [reward] and more”(Qur’an, 10: 26) (Muslim).

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