Is Asking for Twins Being Ungrateful?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Answered by Shaykh Shuaib Ally

Question: As salam alaykum,

I really want to fall pregnant to twins. There is medication to help increase eggs for a female to increase the chances of falling pregnant to twins. I want to find out if it is permissible to ask for such a thing from Allah. Is it selfish? Am I playing with fate?

Answer:Assalamu ‘alaykum,

I pray that you are well.

It is permissible, and recommended, to ask Allah for any good thing in this life and the next. The Qur’an speaks highly of those who pray, ‘Our Lord, give us good in this world and in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire’ [Qur’an; 2.201].
Supplicating to God for the good things of this world, such as children, is not considered selfish, or playing with fate. Believers are recommended in the Qur’an to pray, ‘Our Lord, give us joy in our spouses and offspring’ [Qur’an; 25.74].

Moreover, one of our role models, the Prophet Zakariyya – may God shower him with peace – is quoted in the Qur’an as praying for offspring, saying, ‘My Lord, do not leave me childless, though You are the best of heirs’ [Qur’an; 21.89].

Using such pills, if considered medically safe, is permissible.

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May Allah facilitate for you all good.

Shuaib Ally

Photo: Jeremy Miles