Should I Hide Blessings to Avoid the Evil Eye?

Answered by Shaykh Farid Dingle


Is it good to hide blessings from others so as to avoid jealousy and the evil eye?


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Jealousy and the Evil Eye

There is nothing wrong with talking about one’s worldly or religious blessings that one enjoys unless one fears becoming proud or one fears that others will become jealous.

Allah Most High says in the Quran, “And as for the blessing(s) of your Lord, mention them.” [Quran, 93:11] This verse tells us that letting others know about one’s worldly and religious blessings is perfectly fine.

At the same time, we also know the importance of hiding one’s charity and hiding one’s acts of worship. The reason we should do this is to save ourselves from showing off and thinking that we are more righteous than others.

When this fear is no longer there, it is okay. For example, when a father tells his son how he himself memorized the Quran, there usually isn’t any fear of ostentation. In scenarios like this, it would be perfectly fine to talk about one’s worldly or religious blessings.

When Is It Not Recommended

There are other times when speaking openly about the blessings one enjoys is not recommended. The story of Prophet Yusuf (upon whom be peace) tells us of the dangers of telling other’s of one’s blessings: Prophet Yaqub (upon whom be peace) tells Prophet Yusuf (upon whom be peace) not to tell his brothers about his dream lest they become jealous and plot against him.

It is also narrated in a weak hadith that the Messenger of Allah said, “Hide your plans so that you can complete them, because for every blessing there is someone who covets it.” [Tabarani] This hadith, as mentioned is quite weak. [Haythami, Majma‘ al-Zawa’id]

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Considering the Listener

When talking to people who one feels will likely become jealous, it is in one’s interest and the interest of the listener, not to share too much. (This may also apply to talking about wealth in front of the poor. It is not an issue of jealousy, but rather of breaking their heart.)

However, when speaking to people who are not likely to be jealous, such as a woman telling her parents that she is pregnant, this doesn’t really apply.


And at the end, everything is in Allah’s hands. Just because some envious person visits your house, or they happen to hear something, it doesn’t automatically mean doom.

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[Shaykh] Farid Dingle
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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