Can a Woman Wear a Wig Instead of a Hijab on a Job Interview?

Answered by Shaykh Jamir Meah

Question: Assalamu alaykum

Can a woman wear unattractive synthetic wig, instead of hijab, on a job interview? (considering that other parts are already covered, like neck and ears etc)

Answer: Assalam ‘alaykum. Thank you for your question.

It would not be permitted for a woman to wear an unattractive wig instead of a hijab for a job interview or other places.

Wearing an unattractive wig (synthetic or not) is not much different to styling or keeping one’s hair in an unattractive way. The wig is a hair piece, and although it is not the person’s real hair, it does give the impression of being so, and as such, does not fulfill the purpose of the hijab. Also, what is deemed attractive or unattractive is widely subjective.


I would suggest that the sister attend the interview with full hijab and concentrate on being confident, positive, and friendly. We can’t help first impressions, but we can influence or win’s people’s respect. Let the personality, attitude, and qualifications do the talking.

Also, do remember that it is not obligatory for women to only wear black or dark colours. The sister may wear light or pastel colours to the interview if she feels more comfortable.

Lastly, she should not forget to supplicate to Allah for success in the interview, in her career, and ask for only that which is pleasing to Him. She should also make use of the Prayer of Need (see here) and the Prayer of Guidance (see here).

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I wish you the very best.

Warmest salams,
[Shaykh] Jamir Meah

Shaykh Jamir Meah grew up in Hampstead, London. In 2007, he traveled to Tarim, Yemen, where he spent nine years studying the Islamic sciences on a one-to-one basis under the foremost scholars of the Ribaat, Tarim, with a main specialization and focus on Shafi’i fiqh. In early 2016, he moved to Amman, Jordan, where he continues advanced studies in a range of Islamic sciences, as well as teaching. Jamir is a qualified homeopath.