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How Can I Become a Believer Again After Breaking a Vow?

Hanafi Fiqh

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam

Question: Assalam alaykum

I have been ashamed to ask Allah for anything since I broke the promise I made to Him to protect my chastity. I have been seeking for Allah’s forgiveness ever since. But I feel like I can no longer be believer. How can I become a believer again?

Answer: Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

You are a believer, and there is no need to doubt your faith. You made a promise, fell short and repented; the latter is exactly what Allah Most High wanted from you.

As long as your repentance is true, your misdeed will be wiped out of your record by His Grace and Mercy. Have a good opinion of Allah Most High, and busy yourself with the good from now onwards.

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And Allah Most High alone knows best.


[Ustadh] Tabraze Azam

Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Ustadh Tabraze Azam holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Leicester, where he also served as the President of the Islamic Society. He memorised the entire Qur’an in his hometown of Ipswich at the tender age of sixteen, and has since studied the Islamic Sciences in traditional settings in the UK, Jordan and Turkey. He is currently pursuing advanced studies in Jordan, where he is presently based with his family.