Could Some People Have Private Gardens and Mansions in Paradise?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani


Is it possible that one can enter his own garden and mansion in paradise?


I hope you’re doing well, insha’Allah.

Yes, there are many hadiths describing the believers having their own gardens and mansions.

Furthermore, Allah promises us:
“And Paradise will be brought near to the righteous, not far off. ˹And it will be said to them,˺ “This is what you were promised, for whoever ˹constantly˺ turned ˹to Allah˺ and kept up ˹His commandments˺—  who were in awe of the Most Compassionate without seeing ˹Him˺, and have come with a heart turning ˹only to Him˺.
Enter it in peace. This is the Day of eternal life!” There they will have whatever they desire, and with Us is ˹even˺ more.” [Quran, 50:31-35]

Imam Baghawi (Allah have mercy upon him) explains that the believers will ask and ask—and Allah Most High will give and give—until they have nothing further to ask. Then He will give them even more—far beyond what they could ever have imagined. [Tafsir al-Baghawi]

May Allah grant you and us—and our loved ones—this eternal bliss, and facilitate the righteousness, sincerity, and steadfastness that are its keys.

And Allah is the giver of success and facilitation.
[Shaykh] Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani spent ten years studying with some of the leading scholars of recent times, first in Damascus, and then in Amman, Jordan. His teachers include the foremost theologian of recent times in Damascus, the late Shaykh Adib al-Kallas (may Allah have mercy on him), as well as his student Shaykh Hassan al-Hindi, one of the leading Hanafi fuqaha of the present age. He returned to Canada in 2007, where he founded SeekersGuidance in order to meet the urgent need to spread Islamic knowledge–both online and on the ground–in a reliable, relevant, inspiring, and accessible manner. He is the author of: Absolute Essentials of Islam: Faith, Prayer, and the Path of Salvation According to the Hanafi School (White Thread Press, 2004.) Since 2011, Shaykh Faraz has been named one of the 500 most influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center.