How Long Should the Prayer Take?

Question: How long should salah take [I heard 5 minutes] my salah takes longer [about 7 to 10 minutes] is this bid’ah? And if it is do you any tips on making it take less time? My second question is about praying in school. I live in a shia major area, and they don’t like Sunnis very much, so I am unable to pray at school. Also, I do not know where the qibla is there. Can I do my salah when I get home even if its time has passed? Am I sinful? Jazakum allahu khairan. 


Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question. May Allah bless you and help you with this struggle that you are facing. It is also from piety to be concerned about your prayers.

How Long Does the Prayer Need To Be?

In short, this is up to the individual. If you want tips on how to pray it shorter, then one must learn the details of prayer and what constitutes a sound prayer. I have found that one could pray any prayer in less than 5 minutes if need be. To do this, you need to learn the details of the prayer and its obligations, integrals, conditions, etc.. therefore you can make a sound judgment on how fast you can pray and what you can leave out without any sin or harm, etc. It is not bid’ah or innovation to pray for the length of time you mentioned. For a more clear definition of what bid’ah is, please see the link below:


Can I Perform My Prayers When I Get Home Even Though It Is late?

No, you should not wait to get home if that entails the prayer time exiting. You will be sinful if you resort to that.


The Importance Of Prayers On Time

Allah Most High states in the Qur’an: “Verily the prayer has been enjoined on believers as an obligation in fixed, appointed times.” (4:103)

It is extremely important to pray on time. There is no excuse to miss it.
Look around and see if there is any place you can pray, perhaps a private room. Speak to someone you trust to help you: your parents, perhaps a teacher there? I am confident you will find a way if you keep trying.

Learn more about prayer timings and Qibla. The following below are some links to help you learn more about it.

The Qibla is the general direction to the Ka’ba. Use a compass to find the direction if you do not know how to find it for now. You may ask someone who is Muslim if you are able to do that.  (see below for more details)

Please take a class on how to learn the rulings of prayer and its times. You can take the following class which is free and you can start immediately:

I pray this helps and Allah knows best.

[Imam] Yama Niazi

Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani