What Does it Mean to Love Allah and Love for Allah – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this khutbah, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani reminds the believers of what it means to love Allah and love for Allah. He highlights that the greatest quality a believer can strive to attain in their lives is the love of Allah. The highest praise Allah grants to a believer is to be beloved to Him. And the the highest quality a believer can have is to be beloved by Allah. Shaykh Faraz explains what love is, and what does love for Allah entail. He distinguishes between a servant obeying Allah, and a servant loving Allah. The highest motivation for a believer is to be beloved by Allah. Shaykh Faraz ends by explaining that Allah loves the one who takes all means for the love of Allah alone, while loving all else out of the love of Allah.

This Friday khutba was delivered by Shaykh Faraz at Jamiat-ul-Ansar (www.jamiatulansar.ca/) in Brampton, in March 2018.

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