Can I Pray the Witr Prayer Before Finishing the Tarawih?


Answered by Ustadh Salman Younas

Question: My sister can become very tired in Tarawih. She takes regular breaks. This has meant that she has had to pray the Witr just before dawn, meaning she has fasted on an empty stomach. Can such a person pray some Tarawih, then the Witr and then see if they have the energy to complete the remaining Tarawih prayers?

assalamu alaykum

This would be permitted.

Your sister’s desire to pray all the Tarawih prayers is commendable. I would, however, advise her to not neglect her health. Aside from making the Tarawih prayers short, your sister may also perform them sitting down (with an actual prostration) if she feels that performing them standing up will cause fatigue.

I would also advise that she divide the prayers, such as initially praying half, followed by sleep, and then praying the rest sometime before suhur. If she fears not waking up in time or that she may not be able to complete the remaining Tarawih prayers due to fatigue, she should pray Witr before sleeping.

Our religion teaches us to be balanced. Our Lord has placed obligations upon us. Among these obligations are the rights our bodies have upon us. While we recognize that worship demands some degree of sacrifice, God out of His mercy has also legislated ease for us: “God intends for you ease.” (2:185) Further, the Prophet (God bless him) said, “None makes the religion difficult except that it overcomes him. So, aim for what is right, stick to the moderate way…” [Bukhari]

I would continue to encourage your sister to try her best to perform her Tarawih prayers. However, this needs to be balanced with her taking care of her health, ensuring she is eating a proper suhur, resting properly, and so forth. Continue to ask God for well-being and health, as well as the strength to worship Him.


Checked & Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani