Chronic Excuse: Can I Pray As Many Prayers As I Want With A Single Ablution?

Hanafi Fiqh

Answered by Sidi Waseem Hussain

Question: The following questions are in the context of a chronic condition: Do i have to perform wudu each time I make up a missed prayer. or is the wudu that I performed e.g. at the time of zuhr, valid until the next prayer, which will be Asr. and in between i can make up as many missed prayers as i can? Also, is the wudu invalidated by the entrance of the next prayer time or the end of the current prayer time?

Answer: Walaikum Salam Warahmatullah,

You do not need to make a new wudu for each missed prayer, and you can pray as many prayers as you want to in that prayer time. If you have a chronic condition then the wudu you made due to the chronic state remains valid for the entire prayer time, and you can pray as many prayers with it as you want, whether current or missed prayers.

The wudu is invalidated by the end of the current prayer time.

And Allah knows best


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Checked & Approved by Faraz Rabbani