Designating Ramadan for Zakat Payment and Paying Zakat on Behalf of Another

Hanafi Fiqh

Answered by Shaykh Ilyas Patel

Question: I had a couple of questions about Zakat:

1) I became saahib-e-nisaab in Rabi-al-Awwal. However in order to gain the blessings of Ramadan I wanted to give my zakat during that month. In 1433 I gave my zakat funds in Rabi-al-Awwal as per my cycle, and in Ramadan 1433 (same year) I gave zakat on the estimated amount I would have in the following year- Rabi-al-Awwal 1434 (which I then verified in Rabi-al-Awwal to ensure the full zakat had been discharged based on the actual amount I had).

Is it now possible for me to switch my zakat cycle to every Ramadan? Or if I have to pay in Ramadan, do I still have to calculate it each year based on the projected amount for the next Rabi-al-Awwal?

2) My brother and mother had asked me to pay Zakat to someone on their behalf and then they would transfer the funds later. I made the payment and I think we later forgot to do the transfer but I am not sure, as it was a year or so ago.

Since I am not fully sure if we did the funds transfer, I don’t really want to take the money from them now and I am happy to have paid on their behalf – would their obligation still be fulfilled if I didn’t take the money from them?

Answer: Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I hope you are in good health.

1) Yes it will be allowed for you to give your zakat in Ramadhan this way as long you give a projected amount and at the same time verify it when your actual zakat date comes in. Although it would be preferable for you discharge it as soon as the zakat date sets in. Especially due to the long gap between Rabiul Awwal and Ramadhan.

2) Yes their obligation would be fulfilled.

And Allah alone gives success

Ilyas Patel