The Quranic anthropocentric ontology

The Quranic anthropocentric ontology

Question: Is man the center of the universe, and therefore the noblest of all created beings?


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The Qur’anic paradigm makes Adam (upon whom be peace) and his progeny Allah’s stewards on Earth (2: 30) and the bearers of ‘the trust’ (33: 72), therefore placing man at the apex of existence on a moral and existential level. It would therefore make man the noblest of creation (ashraf al makhluqat).

This whoever is not a point of creed, even if we as Sunnis believe in it wholeheartedly. That is to say that if someone were to disagree, we would not consider them to have left Islam but would consider them to be wrong. (Hashiyat al Bajuri ala Jawharat al-Tawhid)

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