What Are the Rights and Rulings of Illegitimate Children?

Answered by Shaykh Farid Dingle


In the case of an illegitimate child, who is mahram to him/her, who has to support him, and what rights and obligations does the biological father have?


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Although a child born out of wedlock is technically not the child of the biological father, as a point of human and Islamic decency, he should step up and help both financially and emotionally, where possible.

The Bed and the Stone

The Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “The child will be attributed to the ‘bed,’ and the adulterer will receive the stone.” [Muslim]

The “bed” here means the marital bond, such that the child will be ascribed to the wife’s husband unless he undertakes a public imprecation of her (li‘an). [Nawawi, Sharh Muslim]


In the case of a married woman committing adultery, the child would be the mahram of the husband of the child’s mother and the mahram of his relatives. (Again, unless her husband legally disowns the child (li‘an wa nafy.)

Now, if the woman were not married, she and her relatives, children, and future husband would all be mahrams to the child.


In the case of adultery, when the husband does not legally disown the child (li‘an wa nafy.), the husband of the child’s mother would be obliged to support him/her, and he/she will inherit from him. This would apply even after divorce.

Now, if the woman was not married, then the child would only be ascribed to her and will have no legal father, so she, or whoever is obliged to support her, would be obliged to support the child. So, for example, if she got married in the future, her husband would then have to support the child.

The child would only inherit from its mother but not its biological father or new stepfather.

The biological father would, in principle, have no rights or responsibilities whatsoever. Hence, the stone analogy in the hadith.

Taking Some Responsibility

When one is old enough to have sex, then one is old enough to take responsibility for one’s actions. Someone who gets a woman pregnant and walks away literally leaving her carrying the baby is extremely inconsiderate.

Being a single mum, no matter what government support, is no easy task. It is emotionally, physically, organisationally, mentally draining, and, for many, financially taxing.

Although it is true that a Sharia court would not oblige the biological father to take any emotional or financial role in the child’s life, there is nothing to say one should not step up and help out someone else in need. This is especially the case when one was the cause of the difficulty placed upon them.

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Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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